Product description

The Q-gel is a modern sports and recreational vehicle, which was developed for transportation on water and land. It consists of a sphere of plexiglas with a diameter of 2 meters, holding space for one to two people.  It is powered by an electric motor which is located in the inside, and causes the external and transparent mantel to rotate. Paddles are located all over the exterior which provide for the transmission of the driving power. These paddles are designed in a way which allows transportation on water and on land. The steering mechanism also happens through the electric motor which causes the seat to move sidewards and therefore allows the driver to turn. On- and offboarding can be done via a small rack or directly on land.


The shape and transparent mantel make this sports vehicle unique. The rotating external frame is also a key differentiating factor from traditional driving mechanisms.


Target group, marketing and sales potential

The most important aspect of the Q-gel for the user are fun, sport and recreation. The motor and maximum speed are developed in a way which allow users to drive without a license. This opens the usage up to a broad spectrum of people.

The focus thereby is especially on two user groups, with different sets of interests and expectations.

  • fun & action and
  • relax & watching

The type of sports activities that can be performed on water haven't changed much over the last years and are in general quite limited. Innovative ideas are therefore enjoying a wide acceptance and market interest.
A sports vehicle like the Q-gel is an absolute novelty - there is currently no product on the market which allows for this type of transportation and to switch from relaxing driving to action, through summersaults in the inside of the sphere, within seconds.

The most important direct clients of the Q-gel are expected to be professional providers of sports and recreational equipment, such as boat rentals, hotels, sports clubs, fun parks and other leisure and tourism providers with access to water, especially lakes. These professional groups will then offer rides with the Q-gel to the aforementioned user groups.

As a water sports vehicle, the Q-gel is a worldwide novelty.


Die wesentlichen Eckdaten der geplanten Version sind:

- Außendurchmesser der Hohlkugel: ca. 2000mm
- Wandstärke der Hohlkugel: ca. 12 mm
-   Sitzplätze: 1
-   Masse des Gesamtfahrzeugs samt Passagier: ca. 550 kg
-   Tiefgang: ca. 400 mm
-   Antriebsleistung:
      2000 W (Variante A),
      weitere Varianten nach Bedarf
      (von länderspezifischen Regulierungen abhängig)
-   Batteriekapazität: bis zu 8 kWh